I partner with men and women who crave a more meaningful life to create the life they desire – even in the midst of their busiest season when it seems impossible.

Are you struggling with making it through the daily grind and having no passion left for the things that make your heart sing?

Do you dread the always expanding (and never completed) “to do” list?

You have a daily list that would rival Mount Everest. Having lots to do is a good thing – or is it?  How in the world did you become so busy?  And why do you feel disconnected and exhausted after most days?

Although you’ve accomplished many tasks on your “to do”  list, you don’t feel energized or joyful.  Your life feels like one more day of the same……wash, rinse and repeat.  And you’re watching your dream of living a life you love slip away.

But there’s hope……….

I’ve helped busy women and men just like you recreate their lives and go from utter chaos and lack of focus to more balance and joy. 

We’ll take a look at your core values and will then work on creating the changes in your life which express your values. You’ll be amazed to learn that there is a way to re-set your priorities and live the life that you have craved for years.


You don’t have to keep all those plates spinning in the air………………I’m here to help!

I empower overwhelmed, exhausted and chronically stressed men and women like you who desperately want to live a more meaningful life. I work toward helping you create the life you”ll love, step by step, starting RIGHT NOW.

If you are ready to dive in and COMMIT to making the changes that will bring you the life you treasure, please sign up immediately for your complimentary Reflect and Reset strategy session.

How I work……..

God has blessed all of us with such unique gifts.  My role is to help you discover your strengths, gifts and passions and whether you have a dream that you have always wanted to explore. Are you exhilarated about starting a new business or relationship?  What matters most to you?  We’ll figure this out, step by step.

How this magic happens………..

1. We’ll first talk about who you are, how you are motivated and what matters most.  What are you passionate about?
2. We’ll collaborate on simple, easy steps that you can do right away to improve your life.
3. We make a longer term plan to make bigger things happen.
4. We’ll deal with any obstacles that creep up along the way.

Bring your sense of humor – we’ll have a lot of fun!

You’ll feel more refreshed and in control and ready to tackle your new life!

I work with you by phone or Skype (preferable), sessions are one hour long and each call begins with a clear agenda.

Are you excited about what your new life could be?   Contact me for a Reflect and Reset strategy session immediately.  

Remember:  A very wise person once said – There are seven days in the week and SOMEDAY is not one of them.

Success stories

I started coaching with Brenda just before buying my first small business. There were so many variables I needed to check out first!     We looked at many franchises from dog grooming to health and fitness and ultimately we bought a window washing service, Sparkletime.  

Brenda helped me clarify what I was looking for as an owner of a small business. She encouraged me…


to think outside the box and to ask questions and seek resources that I had not thought of. As a result, we joined the local chamber of commerce and have been working on making connections in our new community. 

Although owning a small business is not without its challenges, Brenda continues to encourage me and help with the invariable small problems that arise. I am grateful to be coaching with her at this time.

David B., Arizona

I have been working with Brenda to explore new opportunities for volunteering within my community. I have time, enthusiasm, resources and skills–but really wanted to cast a wide net to find the best fit.

Brenda helped me to clarify some key things…what I liked and disliked from past volunteer jobs and what my expectations and goals were in this new season.  By listening carefully and asking questions, Brenda kept me… 


pointed in a forward direction. After exploring a number of worthwhile opportunities, I am now training my faithful (but spirited and stubborn!) Golden Retriever, Henry, to be a therapy dog in hospitals. While this isn’t without its challenges, working with Brenda has helped me marry my strengths with my interests and to keep my eye on the end goal, to bring joy and comfort to patients and their families in stressful healthcare situations.
Beth B., Arizona

“I had a life-long dream of owning my own travel business and specializing in cruises, but my very busy day job left me exhausted and frustrated. I felt my dream was slipping away until I found Brenda and started coaching with her.  

The biggest help Brenda gave me was to inspire and encourage me to explore this new direction, and set realistic goals so that I was not set up for failure. Within 3 months…


I passed my exam to become a travel agent and I started my own travel business.  Brenda helped me become more fulfilled and excited about serving others in the area of my passion.  Coaching allowed me to invest in myself, learn who I was and how I have been gifted.” 
 ~Sandi S., California

Brenda is absolutely wonderful! It is easy to see how much she loves being a coach! Always ready to help you brainstorm, focus and clear the path to accomplishing your goals.

While in a middle of a transition phase in my life, Brenda’s coaching proved to be of the utmost importance, not only for her infallible encouragement, but…….


also for always pointing me in the right direction, setting simple and realistic goals. In addition to her sessions, expect many emails with great ideas, suggestions and words of support and continuing encouragement 🙂

Ines P., Arizona

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  • focus on some initial action steps to work toward your great life

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Meet Brenda

I partner with overwhelmed and stressed-out women and men to envision and then begin to create the life they desperately want…… even in the midst of life’s busiest seasons.  And even when it seems absolutely impossible.

Several years ago, I started to realize that my longtime career was not allowing me to fulfill some of my biggest strengths – as an encourager and champion of people who were movers and shakers and highly motivated to change.  As I worked with two excellent coaches, and rekindled some of my heart’s passions, I knew that my calling was to be a coach.  And it’s been a magnificent journey since then!

I live with my husband and our two teenaged sons in sunny southern California.  I also have a bonus-daughter who served our country in the U.S.Navy.  When I am not doing headstands about my clients’ fabulous new lives, I’m sipping a hot cup of Peet’s coffee and watching God’s nature from my back patio.  I love exploring antique stores, doing Pilates,  facilitating a local DivorceCare ministry, reading, writing,  knitting, and fawning over dark chocolate.

Enough about me!  How about you?  I look forward to talking with you about your dreams and passions – the things that keep you awake at night.  Are you ready to make some changes?  Good!  I can’t wait to meet you during your Reflect and Reset strategy session!